My research interests involve the influence of emerging technologies on our societies, our cultures, and ultimately, our lives. Our use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is rapidly changing the world around us and everyone that inhabits it. As a result, I have conducted research spanning a multitude of ICT related topic areas, demographic populations, and research methodologies. For example, I have published research that explores how the digital and STEM divides are linked and how video games may provide a technological bridge to cross both. I am also interested in ICT impacts across the life course. For instance, I have conducted research that examines elementary age students, college students, and older adults. I have also conducted research that uses both quantitative as well as qualitative data.

My research background lies at the intersection of three key areas. First, I am interested in how we can make the world a better place by addressing various social issues. Second, my social science background has given me the tools to contribute to both our theoretical and practical understanding of ICT effects. Third, my passion for interactive and immersive media research has provided me with an avenue to pursue positive change in the world.

In essence, my research exists at the intersection of applied research, serious games, and game effects/studies/design.

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