One of my primary goals as an instructor is to ground abstract ideas, such as complex theoretical concepts, in everyday reality/life. Information that is applied to students’ everyday lives will be more salient, relevant, and influential than information simply retained and regurgitated for a test. My goal as an instructor is to facilitate such insights, to encourage not just the retention of information but the application of ideas. I believe my teaching evaluations (sample scores can be found below) demonstrate the efficacy of my instructional strategies. I am happy to provide my full teaching evaluations upon request.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department of Journalism

JOUR 460-VR, Extended Realities and Immersive Technologies (Syllabus)

Course Feedback:   Extended Realities and Immersive TechnologiesMean
Rate the instructor’s overall teaching effectiveness4.9
Rate the overall quality of the course5.0
How much have you learned in this course?5.0
The instructor initiated fruitful discussions4.8
(5=Exceptionally High and 1=Exceptionally Low)

Michigan State University, Department of Media and Information

MI401-003, Avatar Use, Psychology, and Significance (Syllabus)

Course Feedback:   Avatar Use, Psychology, and SignificanceMean
Instructor Involvement1.65
Student Instructor Interaction1.72
Course Demands1.60
Course Organization1.66
(1=Superior, 2=Above Average, 3=Average, 4=Below Average, 5=Inferior)

MI401-002, Digital Communication and Society (Syllabus)

Course Feedback:  Digital Communication and SocietyMean
Instructor Involvement1.37
Student Instructor Interaction1.48
Course Demands1.63
Course Organization1.50
(1=Superior, 2=Above Average, 3=Average, 4=Below Average, 5=Inferior)

MI401-730, Digital Games and Immersive Technologies (Syllabus)

Course Feedback:  Digital Games and Immersive TechnologiesMean
Instructor Involvement1.40
Student Instructor Interaction1.46
Course Demands1.36
Course Organization1.39
(1=Superior, 2=Above Average, 3=Average, 4=Below Average, 5=Inferior)

Tri-County Technical College, Department of Social Sciences

SOC101, Introduction to Sociology (Syllabus)

Course Feedback:   Introduction to SociologyMean
Instructor was well-prepared, organized and used class time effectively4.9
Instructor seemed genuinely interested in teaching the class4.9
Instructor explains new ideas by relating them to familiar concepts4.9
Learned in this course4.3
(5=Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Undecided, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree

Photo credit: Pramod Acharya

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