Teaching Philosophy

Throughout my life, few experiences have had a more significant impact on me than my college education. Beyond gaining an appreciation for abstract theoretical concepts and hands-on practical skills, my professors gave me direction and hope during times of uncertainty. Furthermore, my professors instilled in me the ability to think critically and examine the world with the knowledge that we can improve upon it and the courage to try. Today’s students live during increasingly uncertain times as they face mounting global crises. However, in my experience, today’s students are highly motivated to tackle the challenges before them. They want to make a better and more inclusive future for everyone. I want to help them by ensuring they have the knowledge, skills, and courage to create that future. Therefore, I view my role as an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a facilitator and mentor in addition to being a teacher.

Virtual Reality 360° Photo Projects

In my augmented and virtual reality course, students learn how to produce content for VR using omnidirectional cameras (otherwise known as 360° cameras). One project involves creating a virtual tour of an interesting or important location/event. You can find one sample 360° picture below (drag-and-drop to change your perspective). If you would like to see the full tour, click HERE.

AR & VR – Spring 2022 – Group members: Ben Crane, Akash Kumar Saini, J.A. Canty, Brielle Scullark, and Kofi Hopps

Virtual Reality 360° Video Projects

Students also learn how to create virtual reality experiences with 360° video. You are encouraged to watch the below videos in a VR headset. You are also welcome to simply “drag-and-drop” the videos to change your perspective.

Augmented and Virtual Reality – Spring 2022
Group Members: DJ Roach, Max Sattler, Jennifer Zhang, Alfonso Zambrano
Extended Realities and Immersive Technologies – Spring 2019
Group Members: Isaiah Baba, Connor Josellis, and Daria Makhneva